This site is created and maintained for (and by) the barter faire community of the pacific northwest. The site is continually updated with information about upcoming barter faires, trade circles, gatherings, and similar events.
Reality Sandwich is a web magazine for this time of intense transformation.
Tibetan Teachings
Rob Brezsny is an aspiring master of curiosity, perpetrator of sacred uproar, and founder of the Beauty and Truth Lab.

Michael Parkes occupies a unique niche in the fine art world. Highly respected by artists as a fine technician, and well-loved by collectors for his beautifully portrayed imaginative subjects, Parkes is an artist with an impeccable reputation.
In essence making honest art means facing ourselves at the deepest levels and using this process as a healing tool for deep transformation.
In Merriam's watercolors, drowsy moonfaces, Victorian houses and the matic repetition create a childlike whimsy layered with meaning.
"My purpose is to create. In that process I find stillness and rhythm, my teacher and passion ... I aim to share honesty and awakening.
To celebrate this fantastic adventure.
To inspire and be inspired."
Life is infinite creative play. Enjoyment and participation in this creative play is the artists profound joy. We co-author every moment with universal creativity.
"…And I choose to paint it. To write it. To pray it. And to offer myself to it...Here I am...My invitation to you is...What do you want to create? What legend do you want to unfold?"
Amanda Sage's art is a language in which she converses with the world, spirit, herself and the people around her--inspiring others to think/dream beyond their immediate capacity.
A. Andrew Gonzalez is an award-winning figurative artist whose
work has been exhibited in several countries. "I can feel this primordial living energy flow through me as I paint, forming into the sensual movement of a transfiguring biosophic flame that flows through and around the figures in my imagery."

As a performing artist, Marya is lucid and fierce. Her song style is a fusion of classical music, traditional folk, experimental live vocal looping, and mystical story telling.
Po A Tree is dedicated to the vibrational healing and spiritual ascention of Planet Earth and all her inhabitants through the practice of Sacred Sound.
Eternally young in spirit, Prema continues to sing & paint the artwork of her heart, through living breathing music.
Trading songs, trading paintings, trading crystals, trading energies, trading ideas, and above all, trading Love.
Web of One is based in the San Francisco Bay Area of California where they are one of the freshest and most unique bands of the West Coast conscious, psychedelic, and devotional music scene.

Santa Cruz artists dedicated to the exploration of the cycles of creation, and sharing their vision and creative process with various gallery installations.
Visionary Art, Shamanism and the Transpersonal Vision.
Comprised of artists, musicians, technicians, and visionaries, we celebrate the mystery that unites us all.


Chalk Farm Gallery (
The world's leading gallery for visionary art
Temple of Vision brings together an international selection of some of today's finest visionary artists.


What is Visionary Art?
"A Sacred and Visionary Art Primer" --Article by Daniel Mirante